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  1. Rut Roh...
  2. So hows VIVA thinking now we know a bit more about server rental? Hold off till the next patch delivers more tools for you? Im starting to really enjoy bf1 now. i have a grasp of the gun mechanics and tanks and am starting to do well in games. its a different mindset to bf4 (to an extent). you have to be a little more patient with everything but the assualt weapons. pick yer fights.
  3. Pro tip: follow me around and do exactly what i dont do. You will be fine then lol
  4. !! yay. glad to help. Bet that cabling was a nightmare. beer and curry after just as a reward lol Methy
  5. Its a fucknut of a thing to try, but can you let your wifes psu power everything in her pc aside from the gfx and the power her 1060 from a line from your pc? Then you will know if its her psu or not. Or you could just pull your psu out yours and power hers from it as a test
  6. Hmmm. This is strange What (if any) other pci cards are plugged in?
  7. Um Mojo, the 1060 is supported by your wifes motherboard right? Psu power is fine. Do you get beep codes or will it kot even post?
  8. Im good kiri cheers Yep inthink a few of the lmg's have negative multipliers for spread increase. i must look how they did it on symthic. Playing medic is annoying. i want to cap flags but the medic guns arent great at the ranges in most cap zones so i die. The magnification alone kills me. yet if you dont cap the scoring system punishes you. i went 25 for 3 playing a flanking / outskirts game which in bf4 woukd have seen me in the top 4 pkayers, i was just below middle in bf1. yet if i die over and over being a dick and engaging at the wrong ranges but get on flags ill come top 5. My whole mindset is wrong for bf1 and im struggling like hell to come to terms with it
  9. Even i like operations and i hated bf4 rush mostly. It feels so epic. Like you are achieving a huge push for teritory...rather than blowing up a box.
  10. Ello peoples (hope yer all well) Ive been playing BF1 a fair bit since official launch. I live near london and have no trouble getting 12-20 ms pings (i always get 8ms on viva #1). Im not convinced the nearest bf1 servers are in the uk...france or germany might give me a 12-20 ms ping. Ive not seen much haxoring yet (one obvious case which emptied the server i less than 2 mins). Seen some racism, but i just dont look in chat anymore. Its an epidemic because average player age is below that of self control. The bf1 servers i play on are always 64 players and are very snappy and stable and alwats queued...but its less than a week after launch...gona be like that. I have misgivings about the games future. Whilst it looks pretty (and the visuals do dramatically improve when you stop panicking, get your bearings, relax a little and soak it in) the game currently feels too oriented to snipers and dmr's. Lots of deaths from across the map, or from behemoths. Frustrating. Snipers have access to one hit kill guns (any body location) with no scope glint...so very hard to see the death coming. Tanks are still utterly op in the hands of even a semi competent driver. Whislt the game is gorgeous, im not enjoying the base mechanics yet. Gunplay is rewarding, but i loathe iron sights and the gun spread increase mechanics are fierce comparex to bf4 which can only be compensated for buy learning perfect pauses between bursts to allow spread to reset. Fast tap firing or mag dumping will make you hilariously inaccurate. Ill probably have a different opinion in 2 more weeks lol. Marmite for now tho!
  11. Kiwi Ill skip to the end for you here and maybe help things along in your appeal: 1) Dont focus on what caused you to rage, what the other guy did, how angry you got or how shit at the game they are or how much of a troll they are 2) Dont think saying "it wont happen again" is going to cut it. I was in VIVA long enough to have seen a lot of appeals, and the thing people want to hear is why you chose those words. why you thought it was OK to use those words. Whether you gave any thought at all to those who have cancer that you might know? If you still think its OK to say things like that to people now. Thats all the help i can give you bud, gotta say Im a bit sad to see this appeal happening. You arent like this in TS at all. best Methy
  12. Dude, when you boot the pc ate you getting the single beep to tell you the hardware "post" went OK? If not are you getting a series of beeps?
  13. Me? "go there"? You know me. Im quiet, reserved and heterosexual. Then after a certain amount of alcohol I become a filthy bastard who invented anal mittens (and now blowjobs for poo) and a bit later gender boundaries become all blurry. What can i say? I appear to be complicated.
  14. Yeah, true. At some point blowjobs are required to make up for poo.
  15. I dont want to sell him really I miss him 5 mins after he goes into nursery. He has just got old enough to give deliberate cuddles. It melts your heart when your child comes to find you from the other side of the house just to give you a cuddle and then wander off again. Cuddles make up for poo. Who'd have thought