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  1. Hey Guys, Long time no speak !!!! If like me you have a GTX770 and are experiencing driver crashes in BF1, this is apprently the hotfix driver: http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4288/~/geforce-hot-fix-driver-version-376.48 Regards
  2. Been a follower of West Ham for 42 years, my uncle took me to Upton Park aged 8, my mum still frowns on him for it.....
  3. Talking of cats on this site, this is a quality oldie
  4. 1. Non VIVA squad mates who simply don't listen when trying to provide guidance on enemy aircraft or tanks 2. Non VIVA players who drive off when you are trying to repair armour 3. Enemy shotgun kills from miles away 4. C4 bikers on Silk Road - drives me nuts - go get some skill Other than that, the game is great, could do with more community map development, like the old days of CoD2 and Radiant.
  5. Fitted this up over the weekend: Samsung PS60F5500 Plasma for the living room, looks amazing in a dark room - perfect for movies.
  6. Quality, Got a 32inch 1080p LED TV as my main screen now and a 24inch LCD 1080p TV as my Battlescreen. I use TV's as first of all they have a better motion engine as they are primarily designed for this purpose, sports, movies etc. Secondly, it gives me the flexibility to watch decent TV upstairs when the wife is watching shyte downstairs I'll post up a pic tomorrow Col
  7. OK, thanks fellas. Will set it up tonight and try it. Cheers Col
  8. Hi all, Not sure if anyone uses this, but before i hook up a spare screen gathering dust in the loft, i am looking for feedback. Is it useful or does it cause a distraction, allbeit maybe slightly delay for the eyes, yes / no ? Cheers Col
  9. Have they touched my blessed SRR-61...........
  10. Thanks fella's, Nuff said I guess, I'll play about with my screen settings instead as I use a 32inch 1080p TV rather than a monitor Cheers Col
  11. Hey fella's Hope you are all well !! Quick question, does anyone know where to find the best or latest SweetFX files ? I can find one of them, but looking at Youtube theres a couple of config files needed also, is this correct ? Cheers Col
  12. Hey Fellas, Gonna be offline for a while, just not enjoying gaming at the moment. Not sure when I'll be back on-line, so see you all for now, enjoy your gaming. Regards Col
  13. Sheeeeeeeeeet Fred, is that a Transformer that's a washing machine at the weekends ??
  14. Hey Mojo, I have a Creative Soudblaster 7.1 with Logitech 5.1 connected up. I was playing about with the in game sound settings and found War tapes sounds awesome. Jus my 2 cents Col