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  1. Make MKV? Isn't that meant to rip blu rays?
  2. 38m single gsoh , seeks similar.

  3. Some people say that I have 2.
  4. lol its never seen usually so not too bothered
  5. I don't think may of us would be
  6. No one ever sends me naked pictures
  7. fuck me, is that what happened................... LOL
  8. Ric already posted this, fail @ posting
  9. Yeah it is the rule, doesn't mean I have to like it when people stacking in vehicles and end up ruining the round for the winners and losers of said round (imo) I have apologised for what happened last night, it won't happen again, I hope we can put this behind us.
  10. If you want to complain about me please do so in a separate thread, don't derail this one. Just get to the point.
  11. Came here expecting Got