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  1. OK, this is now an appeal thread. Apologies for the confusion, I thought we'd already had a ban/appeal in the past but we dealt with that via Reke so it never got there.
  2. A high K/D is easy. If that is the best you can come up with against the person who reported you, when you have been banned for hacking well.... I fart in your general direction.
  3. This post was reported by an unknown user. Presumably the person who is banned. I have decided there is no reason to delete the content at this time as it retains an accurate record of the reason for our ban.
  4. Boom!
  5. I got a very good two year deal with NordVPN at the end of December. Monthly they are over a tenner, this was just under £60 for two years. The company is based in Panama so there are no laws where they would need to give up data - and the VPN service is one that doesn't keep logs of anything. I don't use it for everything, but it is nice to have when I want to be extra secure..
  6. While I would not dream of doing anything that is not 100% legal on the internet, I also have a premium VPN service to protect my privacy from my ISP or Government. Good heads up though.
  7. Well, I can guarantee you will not be getting unbanned. I'm glad you didn't ask. I can guarantee that the admin team will not let cheaters play ban free, but they will also not take action based on someone with verbal diarrhea such as yourself. The do however often require a useful report of a cheater, which you clearly failed to provide. Well done. just so everyone can see what a lowlife you are, here is the chatlog. 18:46:24 Jan 08, 2017 hxghcaliber Nice wallhack ditch you fa autistic cunt 18:42:39 Jan 08, 2017 hxghcaliber stop cheating you pathetic fucking cancer patient 18:42:09 Jan 08, 2017 hxghcaliber fucking killyourself coldice you fucking cheating bastard 18:38:56 Jan 08, 2017 hxghcaliber coldice nice cheats you pathetic cancer patient 18:38:32 Jan 08, 2017 hxghcaliber fuck off 19:23:20 Jan 05, 2017 hxghcaliber faggot 21:35:54 Aug 15, 2016 hxghcaliber Fuck off faggot 21:35:33 Aug 15, 2016 hxghcaliber fucking cunt 21:35:31 Aug 15, 2016 hxghcaliber What the fuck 19:17:02 Aug 10, 2016 hxghcaliber tell the bitch to walk home I can also guarantee when you have either suffered or had family suffer with cancer you will change your fucking opinion about how acceptable it is to wish that on someone else. VIVA chose to take a stand against the scumbags who think that drivel is OK. You are one of them.
  8. My only piece of advice is when you have an legendary round - time to stop for the day. Or at least take a break and enjoy how it feels to be awesome. Maybe the fact it doesn't happen to me often is a driver there... but still...
  9. Niiiice!
  10. Too little, too late. ALL of this stuff should have been implemented at the very least on the day the rental program went live. They have seen the number of players nosedive and realised they actually do have to spend some moneymaking the servers usable.
  11. All good advice here. The crux of the matter is the fact that Tower Bridge is in sunlight and your parents are not. To bring out the details what you did in photoshop works, and to be honest shooting raw would not have helped much here. What Mojo posted is the best way of fixing this. Fill Flash. Even a small pop up/built in flash can do a great job in these circumstances.
  12. I have been tinkering. If anyone elses slot from the December winners is not working, drop me a line!
  13. And that folks, is what happens when a hacker signs up to troll VIVA. It fails.
  14. Part of my road trip this weekend involved me buying this...
  15. Hi @davec12345 Good news! The admins have voted to lift your ban. As you have found while we at VIVA are generally a very relaxed and entirely not serious battlefield community we do have a few cardinal rules that we expect everyone to abide by. You fell foul of one particular rule and it is one of the top two. Initially we took a stance against the scourge that is gamers wishing cancer on others and that is because many VIVA people have direct personal experience of this. Then we started thinking, why stop there. Lets face it, seriously wishing someone else get any fatal disease is not nice. We understand you were not being serious, and your sincere apology goes a long way. I must warn you that it is rare for a ban appeal to be considered a second time - so lets make sure we are not in this position again. Enjoy the servers! Rikk