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  1. Probably in their arrogance they think their "built in" cheat detection systems are better than humans. It's not just about hacking though is it. It's how people behave and what they say. Already in the short time I have been playing BF1 some of the abuse in chat would never hold if we were administrating the servers. Not only that some players know how to provoke and disrupt others which can lead them reacting and being abusive in their frustration.
  2. Remember when it used to be a static camera with nothing more than a zoom lens. The production values are so high and the footage they obtain just has one think "how the f@*k did they get that?". Fantastic stuff and can't wait for it to air.
  3. Couple of things... "other forums". So more bans and more appeals. Not good. You can't also judge our process because another process is more to your liking. This is our process and it works for us. Might be our servers but we are also all gamers and actually spend our time playing the game. No one is coming here to agitate you or make you look bad. You already did this yourself by getting banned and your responses in this thread are why this is a disaster. The purpose of your appeal is to appeal. You need to stop being so defensive. Here's another benefit of the appeals being in public. Go read some of them and see those who were successful as there are plenty.
  4. From reading this thread I can sense that it grates on you having to say "sorry" when it's clearly not meant. It's said through gritted teeth just to get back onto the servers. Even after you first said it you felt it was an over reaction for a first offence. It's not. Let me break it down for you as I think it will make it easier. You said something that breaches our rules even after you were warned. The result of this is you are now missing out on playing on our servers which clearly you want to do. You clearly don't agree and think we are being over sensitive. Right now you are doing nothing in the way of supporting your appeal other than feeling hard done by. What do you have to hide that you feel this appeal should not be in the public domain? Two things are going to happen. You will either talk yourself into this appeal being denied or it will go into a final vote where all the powers that be decide. The outcome of which will let you know if the ban stays or is lifted. Consider this... Those powers that be take into account what you were banned for and how genuine your appeal is for having it lifted. So how do you think it is going so far?
  5. I like how as a medic you can treat trench foot
  6. I run an ASUSTOR NAS drive which is mainly used for backing up my work but since it can run apps I use PLEX Server on it. Then I use a Roku box to watch it on my TV and if you are in the UK you can buy a Sky NOW TV box (without subscription) for £15 and then Sideload PLEX on it. The Sky NOW TV box is basically a Roku 2 which alone costs £70. If you have a Smart TV then some support PLEX and you won't even need the Roku.
  7. Kinda. It's 32 VIVA vs another 32. We did one last week for the first time and it was great fun. Check out this for more info and here is the stream of the match from the other day. https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=mztw-anAiA0
  8. Welcome Walshy Like the others have said above. Tell us more about you.
  9. I know it's not music as such but since we are on the topic of Maiden you can't get any cooler than this... Iron Maiden are about to embark on their 2016 world tour in their private jumbo jet (Ed Force One) piloted by the lead singer! They did the same thing for previous tours but this time they went big!
  10. On the settings menu if you look at the bottom left of the screen there is an Advanced check-box. When you click it obviously more options appear and one of those is Audio Output where you can change the volume etc.
  11. Saw it this morning. Had it booked since October! Feels like a proper Star Wars film. Has all the right elements and every member of the new cast is excellent. Loved BB-8!
  12. I bought it too and it is great. Looks brilliant and plays just the same. If you like Star Wars then you will like it. Two things... 1) It's not a BF4 clone and shouldn't be so any comparison is pointless 2) Better investment to buy this than those who foolishly bought Hardline which, let's be honest, was utter dog shit
  13. If I get a 20hp revive you are a friend for life. I only have 3 friends and 2 of them don't even play Battlefield :(
  14. Pffft! Call that an explosion.... Here's a proper one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAg_jqthRY4