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  1. Psytrance is the shiet...
  2. sounds bit like bring me the horizon but still not quite the same...
  3. ah, this game is very enjoyable, have a bit over 100h put in.... the weapon mechanics are nice and it's kinda satisfying to destroy some zed heads in slow-mo
  4. Bah, my lockpick skill and science is too low to hack/break into his bunker
  5. Battlefield 1 is rather fascinating game, sad that I just don't have the best setup to play it and can't afford a better one
  6. Uh lala new God of War.... been playing the first one for some nostalgia
  7. I missed on a lot..... in BC2 medic had an LMG and assault had ammo and a grenade launcher
  8. Like a brown submarine that refuses to dive?

    I hope it's like Call of Duty 2 with Battlefield style, then it would be fecking epic!
  10. Good tips, I'll need them too when I turn 20 soon.... One thing I wanna do in the near future would be traveling, as I've never been outside of Finland lol
  11. I just hope it's not futuristic like the shit CoD became few years ago......
  12. this was cool in the 80's lol