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  1. Feck off you viking peasant.....haven't you got a squirrel to shoot or a horse fly to trap? Oops wrong squirrel....
  2. Standing joke in the UK that it's grim up North or oop as they say it properly. That's because of a hangover from the Industrial Revolution that helped shaped our country i.e. the dark satanic mills etc etc. Oop North however, we think it's great! Cheaper than darn Sarth (down South) and more easy on the eye....see what you think by having a look here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/floperry/reasons-the-north-east-will-ruin-the-rest-of-england-for?utm_term=.haMK5zVVo#.htmBvNEEw
  3. Some of you will know that I ran a Counselling Service before I retired. I was the Chief Executive and managed 25 volunteer and 5 paid counsellors. We worked with adults, children and young people and sought to bring sense to the emotional turmoil that was their lives and through doing so, help them heal and develop coping strategies. Whilst I never delivered counselling (I was the money man) the one thing that was always hammered into me by the clinical supervisors was the healing process begins when service users acknowledge their condition. I can only add to what has been said here that you are on the way to helping yourself by accepting there is a problem and there are people, professional therapists and friends like us, who can help you heal. Don’t give in to black thoughts and keep talking…..
  4. I guess this highlights the concerns we had in Fawltey Towers about the anticpated roll out of EA driven servers and lack of admin management. This is not a criticism directed in any way at you Mini Bob, I applaud your pioneering zeal but I guess you may be starting to feel somewhat ripped off as many other new server owners are out there due to lack of players. I wish I could bring good news but we are still cogitating next steps. What I will say though, despite our own tribualtions in getting our BF4 servers going, there is a still an appetite for the game. I just wonder if we should be homing in on a specific map/game play? Anyways, we'll come knocking soon and ask you all if the options we suggest are palatable.
  5. Damn you Chris, I wanted that one....have this instead...song's at the end...
  6. A few things.... .....notice the drop on trajectory of the RPG missile....effective range is 200m....see hit probabilities below .....secondly.....the test rig ain't CHOBHAM armour.......one Challenger 2 operating near Basra survived being hit by 70 RPGs in an incident. ...and finally.....Google TROPHY (countermeasure)......for next generation countermeasures against AT. Hit probabilties of RPG: Range/Percent 50 m / 100% 100 m / 96% 200 m / 51% 300 m / 22% 400 m / 9% 500 m / 4%
  7. Just stuck a few (silent) bob your way too.. A Nony Mouse
  8. She (Cara) has a rather good voice as a singer...talented lady. Looks a neat film....
  9. Well, if it has both i.e. good graphics and a decent story line so much the better. I can't believe Gary Oldman and Mark Hamill would sign up to a shite storyline but hey ho, let's wait and see....
  10. I've been looking at this.....I like the idea of a dash of Elite with a bit BF etc.....graphics look impressive.... ....down side...it seems very pricey...
  11. ......well he didn't disappoint. Well done chaps. Karma will sort him out one day......
  12. Oh great.....
  13. Thought the new Go Pro Karma looks comparable to the Mavic...
  14. Yes, quite chilled and, to be honest, pleased that I ditched years of accumulated dross. Consider it an Autumn clean instead of a Spring one....
  15. I was lucky, I flew second seat for 500 hours on these....low level is the dogs bollocks: