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  1. My new baby! Blackberry Classic! Now I can die happy
  2. aaand being a dick in general
  3. No evidence, but based on stats and observation he might use some help... Almost every weapon with acc around 30%
  4. 219:31 Apr 5, 2016p2nzerjust play 319:31 Apr 5, 2016p2nzeri think Hitler was right, so? 419:30 Apr 5, 2016p2nzerwould you kick me for a VIKING symbol? 519:30 Apr 5, 2016p2nzerso what? 619:30 Apr 5, 2016p2nzerso? 719:29 Apr 5, 2016p2nzerbesides I like wermacht 819:29 Apr 5, 2016p2nzernazi symbol is different 919:29 Apr 5, 2016p2nzerwell it's different 1019:29 Apr 5, 2016p2nzerget some education 1119:29 Apr 5, 2016p2nzerswastika is hindu symbol of luck 1219:28 Apr 5, 2016p2nzerI don't get it 1319:28 Apr 5, 2016p2nzerhe kicked me because of my swastika emblem 1419:28 Apr 5, 2016p2nzer? 1519:27 Apr 5, 2016p2nzernot cool man, kicking me for a symbol of luck 1619:24 Apr 5, 2016p2nzerwhats your problem? 1719:22 Apr 5, 2016p2nzerhindu 1819:22 Apr 5, 2016p2nzerit s a sumbol of luck 1919:22 Apr 5, 2016p2nzerwhy? 2019:21 Apr 5, 2016Kirikou97212p2nzer change your emblem please This is the reason of your ban... You were asked by our Admin to change your emblem, instead you started arguing. We won't go into details about if it's a symbol of luck or a symbol of nazis or a symbol of Polish military forces. If you need a symbol of luck, a four-leave colver is a better choice, less controversy.
  5. I don't know if someone seen my post on shoutbox so here I am posting logs from yesterday, server #1 20:31 Nov 7, 2016 SausageGB caaaaaancer 20:09 Nov 7, 2016 SausageGB that LAV is complete cancer, ironically vehicles ruin this game
  6. > bookmark > never open again
  7. you can sell this to pros
  8. been there, done that... I stayed in the servers for over 2 years, over 1000 hours in game and I can say I become pretty good at BF4. Thanks to play with those horrible 140s - I just want to be better than them, so I kept trying.
  9. uhm... it looks like more home cinema speakers... I only need them to my PC
  10. So, my current Creative speakers are dying so I'm looking for a replacement. I need them for games (of course), movies and music. All three are equally important I have no sound card, so I think it'll be good to stick with 2.0 speakers. Budget: around 100 euros One suggestion I recived was Microlab Solo6c.
  11. I see no reason that WP should be treated differently than others... especially I don't understand why we shouldn't allow them to appeal but again, it's sad that regulars get banned, no matter the reason. Good luck with your appeal Drag00n. As a punishment, you can serve 10h of community service like being a tutor for me in a tank
  12. I knew it'll happen... welcome
  13. This is not a good idea.
  14. It makes me sad... with all the safety labels and instructions and protecting laws we stopped the natural selection and this is the result. We fucked up evolution.