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  1. Your CPU is still decent for any high end game same goes for your GPU Sli setup. If you are playing at 1080p or even 1440p I believe you have stable 60-70fps+ in any game Unless you go for higher resolution like 4k then I dont see any reason for upgrade If I had money to spend for better components hell yea I would buy some new i7 + Titan or w/e What about buying some better Monitor? Chair? Mouse etc?
  2. Im in for 50% / depending on time
  3. before doing SLI with still Powerfull GPUs I would make sure that I dont get any Bottlenecks. What Resolution are you playing at? 1080p? Most likely you will be bottleneck by any CPU ( or you wont get the full performance ). If you increase the resolution ingame in BF4 then the bottleneck should be redressed I believe with GTX780 and medium range CPU 130-200£ you must be getting 60-80FPS Easely in BF4 Ultra. I would reconsider SLI because GTX780 are 3~ years old and buying for example GTX980 / AMD Fury (ti) would be a lot better Option + You can update your Monitor later if you are at 1080p and those GPUs will be still POWERFULL
  4. Have we considered leaving fragments? or do we have some kind of Contract or something?
  5. BigWar

    If my Crazy Work Shift pattern 2 days 2 nights 4 off allows me to play ... I'm in !
  6. Where do I buy Tickets?
  7. From my experience ... Those panels are removable with similar tool to Alan key and most likely just made out of hard plastic but yea ... Good Photo ;D
  8. I have to share this with you ... cant stop laughing Davaj davaj!
  9. I will have to call my bank because I still didn't get any bank statement so I cant go to CW shop ask for refund but I can see on my Money out / Money in that exactly 3x the phone price went somewhere I have not taken any delivery of the phone because none of the Orders they tried 3x times was accepted but they took my Money Looks like I will have to be a bit less greedy and buy the phone from Amazon for 10£ more
  10. I will get my Money back but I have to wait for my bank statement and go to Carephone Warehouse shop which pisses me off the most because currently im working night shifts and when I wake up they are closed and I dont have much time left
  11. The Reason this happened is clearly because of carphoneWarehouse system / software. I was told 3x times the order failed but they still charged me 3 times
  12. Hello everyone! Recently I smashed my phone so I decided im going to take another Phone with O2 Upgrade. I have done some "googling" and decided to Buy Huawei P8 lite Went on CarphoneWarehouse , bought the phone, everything went fine and i was expecting the phone on Monday. On Sunday I checked my Emails and I had email regarding my order which said Further Information Required. So I called CarphoneWarehouse and they said they need to confirm my Address so I confirmed my Address but the lady on Phone said it failed ( Charge 1 ) then we tried again but the system failed again ( Charge 2 ) then she said she will transfer me to Sale Support or something so I was waiting on the line and then spoke to another lady which tried to make completely new order and it failed again because of my Address ( Charge 3 ). After 3 fails with my Adress we tried to use my Old Address which is now 2 years old and it worked but the System Failed because of unsuficient amount of money in my bank Acc. I paid 3x Times for Imaginary Phone which was supposed to come on Monday ... Nice Then I called them back ( bit angry ) and explained to them what happened. Now I have to wait for bank Statement which will be available on Wednesday and go to CarphoneWarehouse shop to get my money back How is this even Possible? I can understand Mistake on Website or they send you wrong Size colour or w/e but Charge Somebody 3x Times without them ( Carphonewarehouse ) knowing? Wtf