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  1. If only Varien had physical releases I'd buy them...won't buy any digital music...
  2. I have a problem. Every time I try to post something else than plain text or click any button which does something eg. 'mark site read', I get screen like this: i.imgur.com/MSHyWDW.jpg Which leads to a question: Is there user setting to disable that automatic thing which embeds media without user input? This is the reason I haven't posted anything past month or two because I can't Not that anyone noticed anything thought >_> Many things been tested already: DNS flush, browser cache removal, fresh install, different OS, various browsers and even new user account. Strange enough this is the only forum I have this type of problem. Posted this here if someone has any ideas to try as I've given up already.
  3. Yes, that 'remember me' fixes it as I managed to spam music thread right now. I don't really like being forced used that particular option though...but as it remedies my problem I can live with it. Thanks for suggesting that
  4. That thing is not a laptop anymore....
  5. Only thing about that one is that it's only available for UK customers...currently for me cheapest offer is in Origin for 39.99€
  6. I'd guess this one: Complete post in here: https://forums.battlefield.com/en-us/discussion/61545/an-announcement-from-alexander-hassoon-regarding-rsp
  7. For some reason I prefer this version:
  8. How come this hasn't been in thread yet... Endless possibilities what one can put on drone...
  9. I watch only crappy movies >_>
  10. https://www.thomann.de/gb/behringer_ms20_multimedia_lautsprecher.htm
  11. In the end that one cd I was going to buy, got multiplied...
  12. Sorry, for some reason can't find you on Steam (I also don't have that game in Steam as CrapPlay version was much cheaper)...
  13. Every now and then a bit at a time. Currently trying to get set items before 1.4 is being released as judging from ptr patch notes, I won't be able to get any after that. Reason being one needs to play minimum of hard difficulty to get some (Underground missions) and so far haven't been able to solo single mission on hard difficulty (Fuck you no respawn restriction) And I refuse to go to DZ...
  14. Try push-to-talk? Worked for me when I was still using headset.
  15. Started Path of Exile again after long break. Its complexity is doing my head in On the other hand...this is is somewhat satisfying: http://i.imgur.com/JhOup3g.gifv
  16. Could've been worse. You were lucky if twisted mirror was the only thing that broke. Don't want to even think what would've happen for my bike...on my luck fairings and some other shit would've been broken Luckily no crashes here yet.
  17. yep

    Just to clarify I meant jackfrags.
  18. yep

    It's always nice to post guide how to do that sort things...now every twat will be using it Need to throw a rocket or any sort explosive behind corner from now on, just to be sure.