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  1. https://www.origin.com/en-gb/store/free-games/on-the-house currently free on origin, Medal of Honor pacific assault. was never the best one of the series. but still fun and what the hell if it's free! saves trying to install from cd's (yes i did say cd's!)
  2. UPDATE. still had issues with this but may have now solved it. I was running Arcsoft total media theatre, which seems to have a driver incompatibility issue in Windows 10. but only with recent update. all was working well after reinstall until windows updated, and that and the new nVidia driver seems to be related. Uninstalled Total media theatre and manually removed the Arcsoft driver using a program called Autoruns. and left it on over night and so far no crash but only time will tell. had to manually remove driver as just uninstall leaves it in the system. thanks guys for your help. it's appreciated
  3. gave up and decided clean win 10 install was best option as all my important stuff is in the cloud anyway and i only use 1 SSD for windows so i don't lose anything i can't reinstall with ease. now i just gotta get all my games back and reinstall office. then see what happens, so far so good but who knows. clean install of up-to-date nvidia drivers aswell. thank f@@k for clouds, so much easier than a few years ago.
  4. thanks MrIbra i will look at rolling back the nVidia driver 1st and if that doesn't help i'll look at the last apps installed
  5. oops looks like i was just thinking about "tit" thats always good
  6. no, no photoshop although thinking about tit it could possibly be related to vid card drivers as it seems more frequent when watching vids etc. and there was a recent nvidia driver update. i'll try rollback and see if that helps
  7. hi Guys, having an issue recently with random crashes on win 10 with the detail of Critical Structure Corruption, anyone seen this before or know how to cure it. it seemed to be fine since the upgrade a few months ago but only started in the last few weeks. cheers for any help with this. didi.
  8. nope popcorn all gone and i ain't putting my hand in that box
  9. agreed but lucky she didn't support him cos he wouldn't have all that shiny stuff. and if she had he would be just another kid in just another school and probably have to wait years and hopefully find the right people to showcase to. but now he is already where he wants to be in 1 step..............lucky B@@stard!!
  10. that's it I'm fucked. I better just go and upgrade directly from doghouse!
  11. trucks can do it too
  12. don't think there is a real need for vote on this one? and it's goodbye from me....
  13. i agree with L0s on this one. checked the chat logs also no obvious evidence there of anyone not being nice to you.
  14. check the dates on ur post to the date on your screen shot, obviously to be so far out is possible depending on location it has just turned 01/06/2015 18 minutes ago in uk. as for the ban imho it stays. Cancer is no Joke no matter how mad or frustrated you are. if u want to say things like that then that's up to you but why do you need to speak with your fingers and type it.
  15. and i didn't think we allowed hackers lol the king of smaw is in the house!