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  1. Evil fucking bird, i have lost one Finnish spitz in the talons of this thing. Now they get lead in the face every time they come at my dogs.
  2. Inbox can hold up to 100 messages and admins have it full all the time.
  3. He has hes inbox full of shite... you can reach him from chatbox.
  4. 3 of them for me too. We don't have Catholic priests in here. And the Evangelical Lutheran priests like girls.
  5. Floofers would drop the candy on the floor.
  6. banned THX
  7. Need video of this one. He has stable stats on every weapon and shitload of kills with every weapon.
  8. banned THX
  9. http://www.popsci.com/these-random-objects-were-all-found-in-peoples-skulls
  10. With 300e cpu they are faster then intel's 1200e cpu http://www.forbes.com/sites/antonyleather/2017/02/09/amd-ryzen-prices-revealed-massive-blow-to-intel/#6ae2956a6e7c
  11. Personally i have g17 with 33round mag but no full auto. It seems easy to convert to one though.
  12. Nipples will be destroyed like his knees after that. Normal Norwegian. Reke is doing the same after there is ice in local lakes.