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  1. Welcome!
  2. http://fraghero.com/ea-banning-skilled-battlefield-1-players-worst-possible-reason/
  3. Now you have so much light shite you cannot see the stars.
  4. He cannot help you. You need red for that.
  5. That is not north. It is north if you cannot see sunrise for 3 months. Or sunset for 3 months.
  6. UCAV and mortar in locker are op. You can basically keep outside alone...
  7. I got killed couple days ago by someone without weapon. And he killed whole team in second...
  8. Learn to use manual settings too. Sometimes you need 2 pics and combine them to get the right one. If you have hdr in the camera it will help too in hard to get lighting situations.
  9. I send link to EA.
  10. THX he is banned!
  11. So i have had x-mas since kid and it has been evolution of foods and has been the same for years... Couple pics with what i got for every x-mas. So this is our ham that has been smoked in Finnish smoke sauna for 7 days. This is oatbread made about 20min before eating and some cold smoked cheese that has been smoked 10-12c for 48h. Finally other offerings like ham on right lover corner, on top of it pickled salmon with cognac marinade, top of it sauna smoked ham...7days in smoke sauna, left of it some own chickens eggs and cold smoked moose file, right of it cold smoked salmon 48h in 10c. Finally under it some whitefish with salt... And there you have my holiday setup without the amount of different alcoholic drinks i consume!