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  1. NSFW
  2. NSFW

    Great movie!! (if you skip all the songs and plot
  3. NSFW

    He was just jealous of that one:
  4. NSFW

    "I made a huge mistake" - Dog, Feb 10, 2017
  5. Yeah at this time there is no admin list. So only one person can manage the servers.
  6. Mate there is plenty of documentation out there already What I can tell you is that private servers finally get traffic as they are displayed above DICE servers in the browser now. Kick/Ban is there but still only for the server owner. Other than that there is a votemap option (togglable) at the end of the round between 2 maps chosen at random. And a pretty granular mean of customizing allowed weapons/kits/vehicles.
  8. NSFW

    There is a sequel (starts around 4:40)
  9. In case you are wondering, yes... yes it works