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  1. It's no hassle to keep banning them when they pop up. I don't think they realise how little they affect us
  2. That no fly zone map makes me want to get a drone and fly it in those areas
  3. Solution: Drones with tasers
  4. @TheBobes We're limited to what we can do. If the server is full you cannot swap people about. The game server mechanics won't allow it. Also the players are constantly leaving and joining therefore it would be a full time job to sit there and try to manually balance out the server, which is not what our admins are asked to do. They're here to play BF4 - not whack-a-mole. It can get frustrating to be on the losing side in Locker but abusing admins for that is not constructive and it never ends well.
  5. Our admins are famed for being some of the fairest out there and we like to keep it that way so if an admin has wronged you then we'll always investigate it and if found that they are abusing their position will be dealt with harshly. Please note that we NEVER stack teams in favour of stat padding. The ingame balancer is usually to blame for things not going the way you like it. I've looked into the events that you are referring to and am happy to inform you that in this case our admin was very fair with you and asked you to chill out as you were whining something chronic. You clearly ignored his request so you were kicked (not banned), after calling him an idiot. To be honest I'd have banned you for being a dick and seeing as you've come onto our forums and lie to us about the reason you were kicked while flaming our servers I've upgraded your kick to a ban. You're welcome to appeal this ban and can use this thread to do so. Thanks and have a nice day
  6. The announcement shows that there will be no Kick/Ban availability at launch but they will work on implementing one after launch. I doubt I'll support a game where we can't have community servers where we can kick and ban problem players or reserve slots for our own community. What's the point of paying rental on a toy that you can't play with?
  7. Like the music or not it takes a lot of skill to create it and play it like that. Sure it's electronic but then again so is all heavy metal music
  8. Ok just wanted to make sure you knew what you were apologising for Anyhoo you should know that we don't accept racism in any form - even street talk - so that's why you found yourself on the receiving end of a ban. If you want to add anything to support your appeal then do so now and we'll have a wee chat among the admins to see what the decision is.
  9. Hello @YOUareZERO. It was me that banned you as I was on the server at the time. Appreciate the apology but just out of interest do you know what you said to be banned?
  10. @ChipSan good man
  11. Hi Tom, Not a lot of people know this but my wife is Jewish and her large family were almost wiped out by the Nazi's in WW2. Her grandmother survived because she had blonde hair and blue eyes, leaving just one person alive. We had a son this year, which hopefully will ensure that her family tree will continue but if he never reproduces then that will be the end of her family bloodline. In spite of this my wife doesn't hate Germans. You can't blame everyone for the actions of others but you can blame individuals by their own actions. Your words are the very thing that encourages people to think that we're all different because of where we were born or where our ancestry lies. It fuels hatred for no good reason. Your actions paint a pretty grim picture of you and your worth as a human being. Until you prove otherwise you're nothing but an oxygen thief to me. Why should I vote to let you back on our servers to spit your poison?
  12. @Space Chimp It depends on the reasons. Code may be updated for additional functionality or security reasons but "if it aint broke don't fix it". You have to weigh the advantages against the cost of spending hours updating code. If you're not going to get a return on investment then you could be wasting time and money.
  13. Yes the old stuff is usually the one to learn first, mainly due to the fact that if you go do it in the real world for a company they will have legacy code written in that fashion. It's too expensive to rewrite the old source code in the new format so if you know the old version you can maintain it. It's very unusual for any company to be using the latest software.
  14. Yep that's true but this series is his best work as far as I'm concerned