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  1. isaacwolf1994

    Whenever someone will try to join this website they will be redirected to the new one
  2. isaacwolf1994

    He really didn't make it easy Feel free to blame him!
  3. isaacwolf1994

  4. isaacwolf1994

    Look at the tag @RemonRicardo I kicked him asking to come back with another tag.
  5. Makes me think of the good old GTA San Andreas (Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, Up, Down, Left, Right)
  6. I have a huge ping in my head, nothing to do about it
  7. Good news here, your last call worked, the outcome has changed You probably know it by now but I need to add this for formalities: We have a zero tolerance for what concerns 2nd time... yada yada yada. Ban lifted! Peace Zartan
  8. I am glad you came back!!
  9. Zloytraktorist

    I was like you once, Remon
  10. Hello @Spanners It took some time to obtain the result, sorry for that, but the ban stays in place. You have been playing on the VIVA servers for long enough to know our rules, besides that, you participated in a few discussions during ban appeals. With that in mind we assume that you should know our rules well enough and also why we have those few rules.
  11. The frame of my glasses are always on top of my cushions, not classy but at least it doesn't hurt ^^
  12. Later in a few... haha
  13. Awesome shot I'll drop the video from my point of view later