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  1. Welcome and good luck, you will need it.
  2. OC

  3. My future me can't even see that answer. (Maybe)
  4. That's it I've always thought so as well. We should just change "Friend" into Gold "Amigo" to make it worse
  5. Banned as well.
  6. Banned, thanks for the work you've put in those reports
  7. I'll have a look at your 2 reports this evening if no-one beats me to it. Did see it yesterday but couldn't make time to take a closer look.
  8. Congratulations, that almost made me want to do sports! Glad you are doing fine though ^^ And still hoping to kick your sniper ass on battlefield sometime I wish you the best in the future of your project!
  9. Can't wait for the uncut version!
  10. Setting up to spectate. EDIT He has been banned.
  11. My access to #2 vip list is still broken.
  12. Laughed a fair bit with some of those http://www.feroce.co/perpective-photo-drole/?ref=fb
  13. So, you are still enjoying your very last round?