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  1. Yeah! I never knew how to strafe in circles!
  2. Allready installed it! Lovely!
  3. Hey guys! Lately I've stopped playing with helicopters due to me sucking at it. I found this wonderfull tutorial explaining both every aspect of the hud (did you know u can see where your gunner is aiming at), and some advanced flying techniques. I spend the last 2 hours practicing these techniques, and while I don't master them, I can definitly say it's worth checking out. TL;DR Can't fly a helicopter? Watch the first 2 youtube vids in that playlist. Got any other tips? Leave them here. x
  4. This is what I do on a regular basis@!
  5. Welcome duuuuude
  6. Hey everyone! After a holiday in greece (it was great, small tent, illigal camping spots, weird people, nudist and lots of hedoism) I'm back and ready for action! What have I missed? -x-
  7. Twats....
  8. Hi! Check the main page for the password, its on the right hand side.
  9. Have u seen the VICE documentary?
  10. Wow! This is amazing! How did you find this?
  11. Nice! Wh do they guide the parachute after it opens? With hand on their back?
  12. Welcome! Bearmuss. Bear as in mammal or bear as in beer? muss as in the aviary animal or as in MUSSEN? I ponder these questions deep in the night.
  13. wow, the sheer amount of jacking off advice.