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  1. "die" is the singular of dice, if the word "dice" is used, the phrase would become "the dice are cast". As to why it's die and not dice? Don't really know, but I guess it's partly because in most games, it's a single die roll which determines the result.
  2. Various universities also offer open learning courses. For example: Harvard Open Learning MIT Open Courses some of them are a bit more "hardcore"... but provide really in-depth content for certain topics, if it's your kind've thing. Similarly, many universities, especially universities in the states provide online courses of this nature. I don't think you get a shiny certificate at the end though.
  3. a lot of it is ye... and where I live it's "Controlled Airspace, Aerodromes and Airports" + "Restricted Areas" + "Military Aerodrome Traffic Zones"... fml
  5. the problem is in the UK, like the majority of London is a no-fly zone so wouldn't even be able to use it
  6. why would it be barely enough? The efficiency is a conversation between watts pulled from wall to watts delivered to PC. So in theory it should deliver a minimum of 620W... In fact it's quite common for a 450W Power Supply to squeeze out 500W on demand...
  7. Mackie CR4's are decent.
  8. dw. That is most definitely not the stance the Viva admins take. For us, everyone is treated equally. If you cross the line you get banned. This extends from members, admins, generals. In our previous iteration as clan, I believe a few senior admins were banned, and barred from the forums. It doesn't matter how long you've been around, how new you are, where you're from, what your affiliation is. Doesn't matter
  9. I get a fairly consistent 140+fps on ultra with a 1070... Also, I'm late to this, but your best option was probably just to e-mail cooler master directly they've sent me many spare parts over the years...
  10. @MoJo just buy HDMI to DVI adapters. Very few modern graphics cards will be supporting more than 1 DVI port natively in the future.
  11. @MoJo if I remember correctly, most adobe software is optimised better for NVidia cards than AMD sadly. Although, I don't really know by how much, I've only ever had different generations of cards from either side, so no way for me to personally compare
  12. @Teer us pcpartpicker to check out parts. It will also tell you compatibility etc. Similarly, logicalincrements could provide you with a good starter guide to balanced parts etc. Obviously however, if you're on a budget, look out for second hand parts
  13. I'm actually just upgrading my GPU, so I might be able to help you out with a cheap gtx 970 (Asus Strix) for cheap (how cheap I'm not actually sure yet.) Also depends on what other parts you need to buy, so like what's said above, post what you already have, and what you need.
  14. can confirm. I also aspire to be a hardcore clicker. @VernCheese can attest to my sincerity in my declaration of being a hardcore clicker.
  15. does that improve anything beyond on-board LAN?