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  1. As many of you will remember there was a topic where peeps posted youtube videos of songs they liked or wanted to peeps to listen to and it was a big hit so time to bring it back!
  2. At least it got a few kisses off Octi
  3. There were loads of cartoons I watched, many of them mentioned already. Here's a selection:
  4. Man these wallpapers are amazing! Mine are just some photos of Scotland I took. Not that I'm going to post them cause compared to a few of you here I am an uber shite photographer. I'm therefore going to post this random picture for shits and giggles.
  5. I was playing through an extensive playthrough of Dragon Age Inquisition but I am taking a break from that and am driving around GTA Online at the moment.
  6. Let's just pop some Safe for Work Porn in here
  7. GREAT SCOTT!!! Love the look of the new Doom. Here's the super secret level from DOOM on the Playstation 1.
  8. topkek

  9. topkek

  10. Thread in the steam community: As of writing the Steam Store is still down while (I assume) they fix it. Be careful folks. I'd keep an eye on the updates to see exactly whats been compromised and change shit where necessary. You have been warned.