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Server #2 on 10/01/17, however they have played on the server multiple times on earlier dates I just didn't get time to gather proof.

Don't know the HP of the player but I though it could be a sign.

Players are at 100 Hp but they dont seem to shoot at this guy so not definite proof but he has hipfired for all these kills.

Amorphis at the start and minni at the end. I thought you had to tap fire to be accurate at that range but I guess holding left click works.

At 0:11 @manti_k0r_bf4 instantly getting killed from 100 Hp while he is hip firing.

I think this is definite proof. and

If you look closely laser first points at the player through the wall but then decides to shoot at the sensor without killing it and completely ignores the player.

If you slow it down to the slowest setting at 0:40 you can see after they have killed the last player in the tunnel he briefly starts shooting at the spawn beacon which is not in his line of sight.

Hip firing from range.





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