Help needed

Every time i download something on steam it gets half way through it then comes up Corrupt Download then a load of numbers and letters after it.

i click on the steam bit cleared my download cache and check my download region but it still comes up like this doesn't matter if it's a new game i buy or an old one i have that isn't installed but it let me install hitman but things like dayz won't and call of duty won't, i've also uninstalled steam and reinstall it but hasn't changed.

It's doing my head in :hang1:

Anything else i can do?

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Did you notice your download speed being unusually slow? Might be a problem with port forwarding.

(also I had a similar problem and it turned out that win10 was downloading a huge update in the background, which hogged all the bandwith)

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2 hours ago, MuddyEdg said:

Some people say that changing download region helped. Did you tried that? Couldn't understand from your text. 


1 hour ago, MoJo said:

changed it from London to Manchester, which makes no sense as i'm near London than Manchester and Thanks for the help guys :D

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