[PENDING SPONSOR] Malbubbles - Application

hi i´m malbubbles i must join the viva´s, becaus they have the bettest Server and the guys are very funny here.
i played batttlefield 4 and now battlefield 1. :thumbsup:

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Hi @malbubbles

We are curious people being curious, so, please;


What do you like? What do you not like? Where do you come from? Where do you not come from?

There is not much you need to know about our application process, all you need to know is listed below, please have a read of it and if there is any question, feel free to ask :)

- You need a sponsor: You'll need a sponsor before starting the trial. She/He is the one that will guide you during the application process should you need help.
It is not really hard to find one, just hang around on the servers and website when you can and when you want, let us know that you are there. Join us in squad if you are in the same team. If you are on the opposite side, track us most of us are easy to spot; find someone using a SMAW or RPG on infantry or someone tea-bagging a fallen enemy and you would be almost sure that it is one of us. 
You can also find us in the sombrero bar -->HERE<--
We are easy going, we don't ask anyone to connect whenever they can, anybody may connect whenever they want but keep in mind you are about to enter the application process and the objective here is for us to get to know you and the other way around, you to get to know us.

- The Trial Period: Once you found a sponsor your 2 weeks trial will start. Once there you can put on the VIVA tag, be aware that when you carry the VIVA tag you represent our community and ethos. You will also have the same privileges as any other comrade; A VIP slot on the 3 servers, access to our TS and to the members area on the forums. Your name will appear in green on the website, a unique and fancy colour so that we can't miss it when you post :D

Public Health Announcement:  VIVA is a light hearted not-too-serious clan.  Whilst some of our members do like to try to do well in game its not expected, not required and in no way part of how we decide if you get into the clan.  We laugh, joke, mess about (a lot). We hope you enjoy your time with us and the friendship we offer as a multicultural group. Please notice we have members here from many nations: North, South, East and West. As we all have different international backgrounds we respect each others national differences and we expect that whatever troubles may be going on in the real world you don't bring them into gaming and chat.  We encourage friendship, family, social life and a sense of humour - and overall respect and we don't want to see friction caused by politics, war and religion.  Please leave that at the door on the way in.  Conflict may exist between nations but we don't make a big deal out of it here as this is where hardworking folk come to relax and have fun.

You might have seen those lines in "How do I join viva":
- We don't care about skills when you join, only you as a person.
- We don't care how you play. If you like tube-noobing, jet ramming or pistol whipping, it's all cool.
- There's no minimum time to be on the server - we play when we want, we stop when we've had enough.
- You need to have a good sense of humour.


Most of the VIVA folks feed their spirit by seeing lolcats, it helps them feeling comfortable and stay as happy as a living soul can be, please help them and send us a lolcat, we would be grateful for that.


See you soon!!

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Welcome. Need more info. 

1. LolCat or loldog

2. Star wars or Star trek (I corrected the auto-correct this time) 

3. RPG or SMAW

4. Apple or Samsung

5. Beer or vine

6. Sea or snow

7. Locker or metro

8. Specnaz or SEAL

9. Rock or RnB

10. Math or Chemistry 

11. Meat or veggies 

12. Downhill or XC

13. Kuznecov or Nimitz

14. MIG or TIG 

15. Weed or mushrooms 

And we require 7 additional  funny memes in order not to jinx us for not posting the lolcat at the original post. 

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beer what else :D


locker :)





thanks divxion

i love to playing the clusterfuck locker :D

oh jeahr i´m playing in a airsoft Team this is really great;) i´m a german Player. and i 22 jears old or joung/ whichever way you take it

is this enought Information about my Person? xD

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2 minutes ago, malbubbles said:

really? thats fine. it is a good game. what do you have for weapons?


I borrowed one from a friend for that one time. Couldn't tell you what it was :D

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