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Ban from server for cheating (AND SPAMMING BAN APPEALS)

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4 minutes ago, Daniel San said:


And El Cockardo black people are racist as well( obviously not all), saying black supremacy and shouting kill them whites.



You used 'black lives matter' as an argument against 'white power'

I pointed out why that was wrong

You say 'WAHWAHWAHWAH Black people are racists too' 

Well no fucking shit sherlock. Sure they are, I didn't say they weren't - but I did say you are racist. And you have done absolutely fuck all to deny or disprove this, meaning out ban is one hundred percent on the fucking money.



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To summarize this appeal.

I'm a racist, but that's ok. 

My views are narrow minded but that's ok.

I've been caught out, now I'm getting Shit for the misery my ideals cause, that's not ok. 

I'm the victim here, it's not my fault.


You know what pal, I'm normally nice, but you are a Fucking idiot. You've no clue what effect this sort of Shit has on people. Find somewhere else to spill your vile view. 

You waste of a wank! :wank:

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1 hour ago, Daniel San said:


Pretty much every one here was abusive towards me because what "white power" ? 

So if I would say black lives matter or something like that every one be like it is cool. 

How have I offended anyone ? and here every one is like "Get lost you TWAT." - DivXion and then "No... just no! Please take your stupidity and kindly fuck off." - VernCheese

U are being dicks here not me, so why dont u ban ur self.


peace out.


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Mannn i wish i stumbled on this appeal sooner, been a long time since i've seen an appeal to do shit lol. 

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