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26 minutes ago, HptmNaumann said:

Bundeswehr sweater

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Bundeswehr pants

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not Bundeswehr but fitting boots

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love their clothes

Like the boots.

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So toy's been back to the garage for a bit more fettling and i've picked it up again,




so 1.8bhp off 400, so close yet so far!! o well have to make do with 465ftlb of torque hahaha

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On 04/12/2016 at 19:35, El Cockardo said:

Part of my road trip this weekend involved me buying this...





Did you get a discount without the roof.
I know some good roads in France for this nice little motor, or of course there is always Glen Coe :thumbsup:



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1 hour ago, DivXion said:

New glasses,with led-lights. For Cheap.:laugh1:




I only wear glasses since June I think. And it really changed my life, for real oO

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2 minutes ago, RemonRicardo said:

We are all going to get an Iphone for xmass????:$

you must sleep early and waiting Santa  :laugh2: first time use IOS good phone not bad :good:

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On 21/11/2016 at 13:20, RemonRicardo said:

Dont tell me you bought that!?

I did!
Either you going to say that machine is not great or that I am lazy.
And what I can answer is; that machine is great for my laziness :D

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