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Images of items I/You/We have recently purchased.

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FFS....does it have DRS and how much MPG does it do? ;)

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Not really a recent purchase, had it for a month now... But oh so useful... Only thing I've bought recently that's really that different form the norm ;)


Oh... I forgot to mention... it's a blackboard and a load of chalk :o (ignore the scribbles)

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I like reading books and since I spend 45-60 minutes in public transport when I go to work and come back home, I don't want to waste this time on facebook (i do it anyway ;) ). This one is the second book from a guy who wrote about mafia in Napoli (title of the book "Gomorra") and now they want him dead. 

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May the gods of saving forgive me...

1... May the fanboy wars begin.






I got 6+ couple of weeks ago. So happy with it.

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I think the 6+ would have been too big for me. This one is just right.

That's what she said  :mellow:


Seriously though. I always wanted a bigger screen. I spend a ton of time on my phone surfing web, viewing pictures, watching shows and playing games. As soon as I held it in my hand I fell in love instantly. It felt like the perfect size for me. After using 6+ I picked up my old iPhone 4 and if felt really small, awkward and kinda ugly. And I used to love my 4. 

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