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Today I had a doctorsexam at work and what they found did not sound to good.

Aparently I have:

59c degrees fever. That is 138 F...

I also have licetraps in my ears, thats right LICE..TRAPS... I thought that would be a good thing but it was not..

And I have Toothtrolls, or ToothGoblins.. I dont know what they are called in english :P

Whit this diagnosis I dont know if I will be playing at all this weekend, might be better to stay in bed!


And I also had a 6 year old girl tell me her future job dreams.

She wanted to work as a Policeofficer and a ridingteacher. She also wanted to work at McDonalds, all at the same time..

Mondays at McDonalds, tuseday to friday as a Policeofficer and saturdays as a riding teacher. Sundays she would go out with her boat!


Sometimes I love my job!

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The cover letter I used to get my old job at CEX:

I have no idea what CEX is (too lazy to google), but I also have no idea why you put this in this topic?
My interests are close to HR, spend some time analyzing all aspects of hiring and I can honestly say that it is a great cover letter. I'd hire you, because you wrote an honest letter, with a sense of humor and expressed dedication and passion for the job.

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Haha, I thought it was funny! CEX is a gaming shop that buys and sells consoles, games etc. I just thought it was hilarious that I managed to send such a poor cover letter and got the job. Really? I thought people would take it as a joke? Maybe I need to retract it from this thread then? :blink: I'll keep that in mind for future jobs and hope that the people hiring me have the same views as you and the manager at CEX! :lol: 

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This one has been around forever.


A Gay couple, Justin and Trevor, visit the fairground. Justin goes on the big wheel but Trevor stays on the ground.

The wheel goes round 3 times and Justin waves at Trevor each time, suddenly on the 4th turn something breaks and the wheel comes toppling to the ground.

Trevor frantically searches for Justin and upon finding him screams " Justin, Justin are you hurt?", Justin looks at Trevor and replies "Hurt? I'm fucking Livid!, 3 times I went round and you never waves at me once!"

(Don't be gettin' offended, I'm Gay and it makes me laugh)


Btw, I'm Vanilla_Hustler from the server, Sorry for being such an asshole at times, I managed to go 4 or 5 maps last night without losing it once...I think I did, hmm, maybe it was all a dream..... there is hope for me :-)

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