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A chicken farmer goes to a bar. He sits down next to a woman and orders a glass of Champagne.

The Woman says:
- That is weird, I also ordered a glass of Champagne.

What a coincidence! Says the farmer who adds:
-It is a special day for me... I celebrate.

-It is a special day for me too, I celebrate as well.
-What a coincidence! Says the farmer.

When they raise their glass, the man asks:
-What is it you are celebrating?

-My husband and I tried to have a child for years and today the gynaecologist announced us that I am pregnant!

- What a coincidence! I am a chicken farmer and for years my chickens remained infertile, but today, they started to lay eggs.

-That is awesome! replies the woman. How did you manage to make your chickens fertile?

-I used another cock, he said.

The woman smiles and says:
- What a coincidence!




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I've just had a medical. The nurse told me that I'm the right height & weight for somebody carrying a piano.

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