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A Policeman came to my door last night and held up a photo of a woman.
He said "Do you know this woman?"
I replied "Yes. She's my wife. Why?"
He said "It looks like she's been in a car accident"
I said "I know, but she has a lovely personality!"

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Why aren't they holding banjo's Rekke? Everyone knows inbreds play banjo.

I think there was a company that needed all banjos for a party they had approx 1 week ago. Think this is it:




Noice signature! You made it yourself? :D

Yes, I have too much time on my hand. :D

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My Uncle was a rubbish ventriloquist. He used to put his fingers up my arse and ask me not to say anything.

Need cheering up? Watch your wedding video backwards. You'll fooking love the bit where she takes off the ring, walks down the aisle, then jumps in the car and buggers off!!

Man buys his wife a fur coat made out of 3000 hamster skins. Took her to Blackpool for the weekend, couldn't get her off the big wheel for 2 days!!!

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Someone asked me the other day "whats your pet hate" ?
I said "it really doesn't like things shoved up it's arse"

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That one about the bog was awesome.  Laffed hard at that.


He's still waiting for his answer  :laugh4: 

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