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So uhm haven't been around today due to some heavy action @ work. We've been playing an outside game called kubb all afternoon and then we went to O'learys. I got 3 hours sleep yesterday and with the beer today I'm soon to die. Anyway, this is norwegian I'll translate it roughly for you. If rekesopp says anything just point him in this direction... :D11059733_836491693095085_805357163649002

Hello! The docking station in my car wont play from the unit I connect. It also scratches my screen, does somebody have a fix or....? The car is Volkswagen.


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Put them on ts and play the game without sounds. Or do like me and motherboard shitty cards to ts headset and 7.1 from sonar to game sounds. Skank in other room with headset and you play in another.

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MoJo, did you eventually eat it? ;)


this is how the whole UK spend their weekend :D



Is that how you see us in the UK? :wacko:  :lol: 

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did you google "truffle butter"?




 I will never sleep again..... :o

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