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  2. Awesome this is what i want to try one day. Did put it on my bucket-list.
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  5. Hello and welcome
  6. Haven't thought of it like that... Yet.
  7. Really, one handed surfing in the dark
  8. Oh. that was a bad typo...
  9. Techno bondage! It's a lamp (actually two) so you see what you're doing with the hand. Good for fixing cumputers for example.
  10. where did he used it for ?
  11. Looks like some kind of illuminated bondage?
  12. Didn't buy this, but I got it from a friend. It's basically a sort of "glove" for the index finger and the thumb with LED's on them. Very handy, I'd say.
  13. Last week
  14. hi and welcome
  15. Welcome buddy, stick around. You could become the first recruit of the newly reformed viva.
  16. This game's server side things are complete meh right now... Why on earth they had to scrap working server system...oh wait, badmins everywhere and "unified gaming experience on all platforms" >_> Well done ruining game for PC players.
  17. Soon...
  18. This ^^^ And a lolcat. It will not go without lolcat!
  19. Just play a lot of locker #2 that's all you really need.
  20. Welcome!
  21. Welcome. And welcome to the new forums in few weeks.
  22. This will help in your application ^^
  23. Welcome! You've actually caught us at a somewhat bad time, we're right in the middle of some changes! Recruitment will be closed for another week or 2, and we'll be moving to new forums, details of which will be posted soon. So, when we move, if you could re-register and then post your application again, we can get things started! Until then, feel free to hang around and get to know people
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