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  2. its very good only you need SSD this my pc Processor :Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz -RAM: HyperX FURY DDR4 Memory DD4 -motherboard : msi Z170A GAMING M5 -Graphics CARD :NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 3G -NZXT Case Mid-Tower H440 WHITE setting all low or of and mesh on ultra I easily hit 200 fps in locker .same mojo
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  4. Hi @Eragon_G36 It looks all good to me but @Gravetongue is the man on this. I have GTX1060, AMD 8350 and 16gb ram With BF4 video setting all low or of and mesh on ultra I easily hit 200 fps in locker, average about 150fps, with better processor and mother board I'm sure it would be higher than this.
  5. Hi Guys , Hope U All Fine! Give Me Your Opinion About This PC Specification If U Don't Mind 1- Motherboard:- MSI X99 SLI Plus 2- Processor:- Intel Core I5 6600 3.5 GHZ 3- Ram:- Avexir Memory 16GB 2400MHz 4- V-Ram:- ASUS GeForce 6GB Dual Fan GTX1060 5- Power Supply:- Gigabyte 650W 6- Cooler System:- Crosair Hydro Series H100i v2 7- Case:- NZTX Phantom 240 Mid Tower White(PH240-W1) 8- Monitor:- BenQ GW2760HS 27inch VA panel HDMI LED-lit Monitor And Thank's All
  6. Hi again guys, sorry I didn't reply back then anymore to say thank you for your donations etc but as you all are probably all too familiar there is so much to do in life we can't get round to doing everything with the limited time available that being said we are always grateful for donations to keep PBBANs alive and kicking so thanks to all that donate and support us! Back in November you guys were donation gods! That was incredible, trust me that didn't go unnoticed! I wanted to come back and thank you guys before needing to spread awareness again but I hope you know regardless how much your donations mean to us. November was a fantastic month and we even exceeded the target, unfortunately it slumped back to a quieter December and donations did indeed fall short by a fair margin. I'm hoping though I can get January back up there with the donations goal being at least met. It looks like a push is going to be needed every month to be consistent with reaching our target. So every last week of the month I'm going to be proactive as much as time will allow to keep this great service going, so heres a little heads up to keep you updated. May I also suggest if it is likely that you have a high donation rate that you spread it over a couple of months. I want to get as many communities involved as possible, bringing in new communities that may not be aware of our situation (having limited time and plenty of communities to get through) I can only get through so many. I don't want it all to be on the same communities like yourselves month in month out. Having said all this we would not force anyone to make a donation and for all the support you have given us we would not be surprised if you abstain this time just kidding (oh the joys of good smileys) DHGreeny
  7. If I tell you, then I have to keeel you
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  9. Where can I buy one @MoJo
  10. 850rpm, 97 rounds in drum and counter balance for recoil, I bet Dice would still nerf it.
  11. Make it into a command for the servers!
  12. Actually this saying is a good comment on all those raging and bullying that we sometimes have to ban.
  13. Good to have it confirmed.
  14. It's just what you wrote @Devajufan it's an old Chinese saying..
  15. I did this the first time a few years ago when I just got the game. Still says the same thing according to Google, though.
  16. I will let my son read it. He,s Chinese. And no I,m not.
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