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  2. Listen with your headphones
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  4. Lockers and Metro according to this description, also sounds like the game is still in development if you listen to the commentary.
  5. awesome
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  7. isaacwolf1994

    I ban every time for that shit, let him come and tell why he is not a twat.
  8. isaacwolf1994

    It was due the "to" fast reaction my side. If you want him unbanned it`s oke by me.
  9. isaacwolf1994

    He shouldn't really have been banned if he was kicked and asked to change it...
  10. isaacwolf1994

    If all goes according to plan, it'll be the exact same domain.
  11. isaacwolf1994

    Will we not be able to use the revolucion domain anymore?
  12. isaacwolf1994

    Whenever someone will try to join this website they will be redirected to the new one
  13. isaacwolf1994

    BTW @El Zartan when we get a new forum they can not appeal any more. ??? How do we do that ?
  14. isaacwolf1994

    Still...i luv you all......
  15. isaacwolf1994

    banned Ohw you guys where working on it. srry. I banned him.
  16. isaacwolf1994

    He really didn't make it easy Feel free to blame him!
  17. isaacwolf1994

  18. isaacwolf1994

    Luv you
  19. isaacwolf1994

    opps. Sorry hahaha
  20. isaacwolf1994

    Look at the tag @RemonRicardo I kicked him asking to come back with another tag.
  21. isaacwolf1994

    who is? lol
  22. isaacwolf1994

    He is wearing an naziemblem......
  23. No just a experience. Nothing more.
  24. Why, that is very ADVENTUROUS of you
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